Simple Affiliate Linking for Amazon

Associate is a universal iOS app which makes it easy to create and share affiliate links to products using the Amazon Associates program. My goal when developing the application was to reduce friction as much as possible by making the link creation process extremely flexible. In addition to being available throughout the OS by way of an action extension, Associate makes it easy to import links from the clipboard and search the Amazon store from within the app.

Associate was released in March 2016, and is available on the App Store.

Blink for macOS

Cross-Platform iTunes Research and Linking Tool

Blink was a comprehensive tool for researching and linking content on the iTunes store. It included a number of advanced features including native search, customizable affiliate linking, cross-platform sync, and a companion menu bar app. Blink was discontinued in August of 2018 due to changes to the iTunes Affiliate program.

King Me!

A 2-Player Checkers Game for the Apple TV

King Me is a two-player 3D checkers game for the Apple TV. The game makes use of a number of technologies, notably Appleā€™s SceneKit framework, in order to render and animate game pieces in exceptional detail. King Me launched alongside the updated Apple TV hardware in October 2015, and is available on the App Store.


Running Log with Advanced Graphing and Analysis

LogMyRun is an easy-to-use iOS logbook for runners who want to track their runs and plan their training. The app streamlines the process of recording runs with a simple design so that the process is quick and painless. LogMyRun also displays run data in a detailed logbook as well as in data dashboards and graphs that help runners track their training progress.

LogMyRun is available on the App Store.


Elementary Math Flashcards

MathTime is a simple, easy-to-use math flashcards application designed to help elementary school students practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Originally released in 2009, MathTime has been fully updated to look and run great on newer devices.

MathTime is available on the App Store.